Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wanted: Navigators not map readers

The quote is from Margaret Wheatley and was part of a reflection on the US Gulf crisis:

“…People who are lost in the mountains or wilderness, who either survive or die by the choices they make, at first fight to make their old maps work. They do everything possible to make the old maps fit the present circumstance—but they never can. In wilderness situations, this grasping goes on until the person is confronted with the fact that they’re about to die. They will survive only if they acknowledge that there’s no way out of their present peril; they must give up their old maps and acknowledge that they’re truly lost. Once they recognize this, they begin to notice where they really are, what’s going on, what’s useful information available here and now. They make new maps and find their way home.

A good article found at www.nextreformation.com titled 'navigating missional waters'. It is about the need for the church to put away their old maps and become navigators

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