Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Give a Gift of Death

Planned Parenthood is selling gift certificates this Christmas that can be used for abortions...
God Help Us.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


One of my favorite local bands, Send Out Scuds, who have played here at the church a few times are in the middle of some transitioning and looking to fill some positions. Let's pray that things go well with the band. Their newsletter is as follows

Hey Everyone,Welcome to the Send Out Scuds Newsletter!
We are setting up this newsletter to keep you informed of shows, events within the band and events within the lives of the individual members.
There has been some recent changes in the Send Out Scuds line up. We are in the process of looking for a new trombone player, sax player (preferably tenor sax) and possibly a singer.
For those of you who are curious as to why we have had this change it has been agreed that this small split is for the best. Some members are interested in pursuing different styles of music. We are all still really good friends and will continue helping them with new projects.
If you are interested in filling one of these positions or know someone that would be please contact us at: ***Serious replies only, please
This is a ministry and if you have a willing desire to serve God, please contact us and we will set up an audition.
Thank you all for everything and please pray for us during this transition.
At this time we aren't going to be playing any shows until these positions have been filled. In the mean time we will be writing new music and working on the new album that we will be releasing on Blood and Ink Records. We hopefully will hit the studio as soon as possible. We also will be getting a new myspace up in the next few weeks. You will be able to order our merch through a special webstore and use some cool new banners! FireOutside Media has done a great job on all of our shirt designs, stickers and more! You should check out all the other things they have done!
Please keep checking back for updates on or just send us an email and we will be glad to answer!
Thank you again for all your love and support!
-Jeremy, Kim, Brennen, Dustin, Josh and Josh

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Since we have been talking about faith and culture in our Wed. night services and how to reach our surrounding culture. I thought this blog by Fred Peatros fit well.

Beta Church Embraces Third-Place Communities

Being earthed in today’s culture and realities is about being connected and not separated, inclusive and not exclusive, being aware and not ignorant to issues our culture is facing. It invokes God’s people to learn again what it means to be salt and light.

A former Southern Baptist preacher, dismayed at failed attempts to establish a thriving new church, set up a retro shoe store. It soon became a popular establishment among the varied community of gay couples, artist, and aging hippies. The former preacher simply allows his ability to collect and sell shoes help him establish meaningful relationships. As a preacher turned spiritual explorer all his time is now spent with non-Christians (the people Jesus misses). This is his church, firmly rooted in the realities of the 21st century.

More and more of Jesus’ apprentices are beginning to see church this way, not a physical place to attend every Sunday, but a network of relationships and groupings that enable God’s people to build genuine community within its host culture while following Jesus. It’s a more informal, fluid approach to church that builds on interest and relationship networks already in existence. One anticipated fear of such a church model is that there will no longer be definable physical space around which to be church....
Whatever church model evolves, God’s people must find alternative ways of walking to the beat of God’s kingdom while connecting with God’s world. It can’t be about polarized, separate communities. It’s about reconnecting with the freedom Jesus gave us to go out into the world with his good news and to stop getting all worn out with building churches and programs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quotes regarding the Church

Attraction to the Christian life occurs when one can see a concrete community of people living out salvation, living reconciled and hopeful lives in the midst of a violent world. Rarely are people converted by well-argued theories.

People are usually converted to a new way of living by getting to know people who live that way and thus being able to see themselves living that way too. This is the way God’s revolution works. The church is meant to be that community of people who make salvation visible for the rest of the world. Salvation is not a property of isolated individuals, but is only made visible in mutual love. (”The Church as God’s Body Language”)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Book Review "Me-Ville"

“Deliver Us From Me-Ville” a book by David A. Zimmerman is a book that I will have to read a second time. He says a lot of good things that need to be re-read, thought and prayed about.

The book is about our self-absorption. The writer likes the word superbia which is the Latin word for pride or an inordinate sense of self regard. The book is about ‘escape routes’ for this sense of pride and its subtleties in our life. As the writer says, “Our way out of ourselves will involve Jesus coming to us and displacing us.” He says Jesus enables us to go from, ‘me-ville to thee-ville’

He uses Peter as an example of this self- regard and also quotes alot from Bonhoeffer. Both of which fits good with his points.

He also uses another Latin word, agere contra, which means to “act against”. The self seeks that which is most comfortable and we need to fight against it. I am reminded of one of my fellow students at Bible School, when he stood up in chapel and made the announcement that “he and the Holy Spirit have declared war against self.”

The end of each chapter has some questions and exercises for self-examination. And he closes the book with a discussion guide that could be used with a small group or SS class.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Good Post Election Thoughts

Here are some good post election thoughts from David Fitch a pastor near Chicago

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Types of Government

The four types of government compared, using two cows.
SOCIALISM would have you give one of your cows to your neighbor and keep the other. COMMUNISM would insist that you give both cows to the state, and occasionally you might be fortunate enough to get a little milk or butter.
NAZISM would shoot you and take both of your cows.
In a DEMOCRACY you would sell one cow and buy a bull.

Political Thoughts

One of the things about the political candidates that bothers me, along with many of their pundits, is no one seems to really get what I believe is the main economical issue. That is, how can you get those millionaire CEO's to pay their workers a living wage?

John McCain wants to give them tax breaks to start new jobs. But what good is a new job that pays only $7-8.00 per hour. You cant hardly find a affordable place to rent for that much.

Obama wants to increase their taxes and then the government spread the wealth. The problem with that is that the government will end up with the most of it.

I think the solution, at least from past observation, is that we need to unionize. The companies need to bring back unions. I know the unions have their own problems, they are carnal organizations, but the bottom line is it is the only way to force greedy CEO's to give a liveable wage to their employees. With a non union job you can make $7.00 per hour with a union job you can make $20.00 per hour, which would you prefer?

new worship band

Here is a link to hear a new band called Zehnder, who are twin brothers

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Not the Religious Type

I recently read a book by Dave Schmelzer, a pastor in Boston, titled “Not the Religious Type:Confessions of a Turncoat Atheist.” Schmelzer was an atheist turned Christian.

The book is divided into 4 sections: The Universe, God, Happiness, Welcome to Your Centered-Set Life

In the first section you realize that Schmelzers’ emphasis is not on being a church member or being part of Christianity as a religion, but a concern for following Jesus.
In one story he relates how a Jewish man came to him saying that he was going to die a Jew and there was no need in trying to convert him. But as the man had been attending the church, because of his girl friend, he noticed something that seemed miraculous happening in his life. Where previously he had a terrible problem with anger, it now seemed that his anger had left him. When asking the pastor about it, with emphasis upon not being converted, the pastor asked if it would be alright, without trying to convert him, to say that all the “good things that were happening in his life was because of Jesus?”

The second section deals with the more subjective aspects of our relationship with God. Does God really speak to us? Again the author is trying to focus upon our relationship with God (Jesus) vs. just being religious.

The third section, which I enjoyed the most, dealt with our pursuit of happiness. He references a book by Darrin M. McMahon titled, Happiness a History. In which the author brings out that during the first 100 yrs. after our new republic, Americans had filed more law suits per capita than had ever been seen. That being the result of our right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Evidently we thought someone, somehow, owed us happiness and we were not getting it. So someone had to pay.
His point here is that following Jesus should bring a sense of happiness (joy) to our lives.

In the final section he emphasizes our need to be heading toward God (Jesus) instead of away from him.

The author summed up the book this way, “I’ve become less interested in ‘objective truth’, if only because it seems to me that the only person who could claim such a thing is God….So we’re living in a time of newfound interest in subjective truth, of truth as we-fallible humans that we are-experience it.”

Following Jesus is not just a belief but a experience. Believe it and enjoy it.