Thursday, November 06, 2008

Political Thoughts

One of the things about the political candidates that bothers me, along with many of their pundits, is no one seems to really get what I believe is the main economical issue. That is, how can you get those millionaire CEO's to pay their workers a living wage?

John McCain wants to give them tax breaks to start new jobs. But what good is a new job that pays only $7-8.00 per hour. You cant hardly find a affordable place to rent for that much.

Obama wants to increase their taxes and then the government spread the wealth. The problem with that is that the government will end up with the most of it.

I think the solution, at least from past observation, is that we need to unionize. The companies need to bring back unions. I know the unions have their own problems, they are carnal organizations, but the bottom line is it is the only way to force greedy CEO's to give a liveable wage to their employees. With a non union job you can make $7.00 per hour with a union job you can make $20.00 per hour, which would you prefer?

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