Monday, June 07, 2010


I thought this was some great words and testimony from our missionary in Bosnia


It’s been rewarding to sit and reflect over the past two years living in Bosnia. Missional living has transformed my life. I am not an extraordinary person but just wholeheartedly believe that just as Christ lived among those who were considered the least of humanity, so will I. As my head grew in knowledge of the small Bosnian community tucked away in the mountains my heart also grew to really love the people. I love them so much that I faced the humiliating struggle of learning language, and I was accepted into the culture.

I spent my time with women who are waitresses by day and prostitutes by night. I slowly realized that I was the only person in their lives who truly cared about them. My dear friend Ivana recently made a plan to pursue a new career, she now believes she is capable to do something valuable. The night before I left, I found Ivana in tears. The men in her coffee bar were so drunk that there was a physical fight and as Ivana tried to calm the situation she was cursed and spit upon. She said, “No more. I can’t do it anymore.” We cried together, she hugged me really tight, and said softly in Bosnian, “Crystal, you are the only person who ever saw me and loved me. Everyone treats me like a machine. I never knew what love looked and felt liked until I met you.”

Ivana is seen by the community as someone who is unlovable. My time in Bosnia has opened my eyes to learn that it is easy to love people who are kind, honest, and have something to offer you. It is much harder to love those who lie, cheat, and are corrupt. However, to truly be salt and light to the world, you cannot separate yourself. In order for salt to be effective it must be out of the container. Light naturally penetrates darkness.

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