Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who attends church the most?

A new study released by Gallup has found that self-professed church attendance levels by state did not change significantly between 2008 and 2009. Nine of the top 10 states in self-professed church attendance are in the South (the only non-Southern state is Utah). States at the bottom of the church attendance list are in either New England or the West.

Respondents were asked how often they "attend church, synagogue or mosque — at least once a week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom or never." Nationally, 41.6 percent of all Americans in 2009 said they attended either "at least once a week" or "almost every week."

Top 10 States
% Attending weekly or almost every week

Mississippi 63
Alabama 58
S. Carolina 56
Louisiana 56
Utah 56
Tennessee 54
Arkansas 53
N. Carolina 53
Georgia 51
Texas 50

Bottom 11 States
% Attending weekly or almost every week

Vermont 23
New Hampshire 26
Maine 27
Massachusetts 29
Nevada 30
Hawaii 31
Oregon 31
Alaska 31
Washington 32
Rhode Island 32
Connecticut 32

With these statistics in mind, a question I would have is this, Where would Jesus spend his time (which states?) and where would he desire to start a church?

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