Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mission Trips

The Last few years God has really been speaking to me about Matthew 24, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked etc. So back in Sept. I took a short trip to Haiti, more for observation and to see possibly what I could do about offering some humanitarian work/aid. While there I spoke to some pastors at a leadership conference, sponsored by ICDM. God began to deal with me about the need to help the churches and church leaders. This conviction has continued to grow in my heart.
Thus yesterday morning I had breakfast with Tim Hibschman from "Global Partners". We talked, among other things, about taking some short-term mission trips. Not for the purpose of seeing what others are doing, but being able to help the church in other parts of the with that conversation we are tentatively scheduling a trip to Mexico to hold some seminars/meetings with pastors and church leaders. Your prayers would be appreciated.

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