Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Voices of the Faithful" Book Review

“Voices of the Faithful” Book 2 is the second book of devotions compiled by Kim Davis and created by Beth Moore.
This is a book of daily devotions written by Christians and missionaries around the world. Daily they share their thoughts and experiences that God has brought them through.

The book is divided into monthly sections with different themes:

January is Prayer, the Priority
February is God, Our Loving Father
March is Divine Appointments
April is Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb
May is “Follow Me”
June is “The Power of the Story”
July is Lost and Found
August is Making Him Known
September is Lessons from the Young
October is From Adversity to Triumph
November is Be Encouraged
December is h\Hope for the World

Each daily devotion closes with a prayer that relates with the devotion for that day.

I enjoyed this devotional book because it is written by those who are in the trenches, real life experiences by real life people, not just someone sitting behind a desk writing books. It is practical not just theoretical. However, just like most devotional books, some days are a whole lot better than others.
If you enjoy the stories and experiences of missionaries and would enjoy it in a condensed daily thought and pray you will enjoy this book.

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