Friday, October 30, 2009


This is a letter to the editor I sent 'World Magazine'

This is in reference to your article "Bargaining Hunting". In trying to discredit and to put unions in a bad light. There are some things about unions that people fail to take in consideration.

1. The reason we have a middle class here in the US is because of unions. The reason that the middle class is shrinking (rich getting richer and poor getting poorer) is because the unions have lost their clout.
2. Unions speak collectively for people who fear to speak for themselves. (I believe scripture speaks of speaking on behalf of others)
3. There is a need for unions because people (CEO, Company Owners etc.) are greedy. Unions have a tempering effect on greed. For the most part CEO's etc. will pay what little they can get by with. Non-union companies that do pay well, only do so in hope that the union will not come in and force payment.
4. For the most part, employees who are against unions really do not understand unions. For what would you rather work for $10.00 per hour or $20.00 per hour?
5. Union employes' do pay union dues. So if I pay $2.00 a hour in union dues, now I only make $18.00 per hour. Again would you rather make $10.00 per hour or $18.00?

As a person who has worked both union and non-union and also has had my own union company may I give a real life example. The union contractor bids 1 million dollars for the job and pays his workers $20.00 per hour. The non-union contractor comes in and hopes to get the same job for $999,999.00. But he is paying his help $8-10.00 per hour. What is the difference? The union contractor is paying his help more of the profit that he would normally make. The non-union is keeping more for himself. Thus the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Thank You

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