Friday, August 29, 2008

Prayers God Answers

I recently have read, “Six Prayers God Always Answers” by Mark Herringshaw & Jennifer Schuchmann.
Interesting in the fact that the writers make an argument of answered prayers, that there may be some of those prayers that we might not want answered. So the title could have easily been, “some prayers you do not want to pray” or “be careful what you pray for”. Some prayers that we ought to be careful in praying are

1. bargaining prayers-those are the prayers where we make deals with God, “Lord save my childs life and I will serve you.” The problem may be that at times we get more than what we bargained for.
I think of King Hezekiah who became sick and God told him that he was going to die. Hezekiah begged for more time and God granted him his request. But during that extrat time Mannasah was born who became the most wicked king of Israel up to that time.
A bargain that would have been better off not made.

Another prayer that God answers but that we need to be aware is ‘questioning prayers’. The problem with those prayers is that the answer that we sought is not the answer we always get. So then the question goes back to us, What do we do with the answer once we get it?

A third prayer that God answers but we might want to be careful in praying, is the prayer for justice. Do we really want what we deserve? or would we prefer mercy? I am afraid too many times we want justice to be shown toward others and mercy toward ourselves.

3 other type of prayers that the writers mention God always answers are: Desperate prayers, Audacious prayers, prayers of Beauty and Happiness

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