Wednesday, August 08, 2007

good story

Willamette Valley Wesleyan Church is located in Wilsonville, Oregon. They were sensing they needed to repurpose themselves for greater effectiveness. It was believed that replanting themselves in a new ministry field would be a great contributor to this. As God was prompting this in the hearts of the leaders, Pastor Jim Winters received a phone call from the City of Wilsonville. It seems they wanted to purchase the church property for over four million dollars. This was a confirmation of the stirring leaders were receiving. They are in process of selling!

An exciting sidebar is that this church wants to invest in church planting around the district. They will invest these dollars into a Wesleyan Investment Foundation account as they search for their new ministry field. During this time 50% of their interest income will be given to the district to help fund new churches. This is a church that is moving toward fitness!

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