Monday, August 13, 2007

From the Bishops in Albania

Dear Prayer Partners,
We wanted to bring you up to speed on what’s going on with the Bishop family here in Albania… We have been very busy also here as we continue reaching out to the people here and growing our relationships. We are excited about starting some small group meetings in several peoples’ homes. One of those homes is our landlords, and I have attached a letter about my landlord and friend Mustafa. I hope it helps you pray for him and me as we continue to build a relationship in Christ.

Thank you for all your prayers,
Ken, Dawn, Eva, Joshua and Stephen

I wanted to introduce our landlord and a dear friend, Mustafa Dëlehu to you. We have been growing to love he and his family and wanted to introduce him to you so you can pray for him.

Mustafa was a merchant marine for 28 years under the communist system. Wow, the stories he can tell about traveling around the world during the cold war. He has shared many with me and I find it hard to imagine some of the conditions he has been in. Once, he was interrogated for over 9 hours by the communist government for suspicion of talking against the communist system.

He is a hard working man and built the house where we occupy the 2nd floor all by himself. He continues to get up, although retired, at 5:00 in the morning and put his mind to work on finding something to do on the house everyday. Usually repairing or working on the unfinished portions of the house in the first floor.

He loves to drink coffee at least twice a day and I am often found joining him as he invites me to sit and talk with him. During these conversations I often share with him about God and His son Jesus. We often discuss the many differences between the Muslim religion and our faith.
He was able to travel to Italy for a few months to visit his son, so I gave him a stack of books to read during his rest time there. Over the period of three months he read the entire bible and about 6 other Christian books I gave to him. He has a lot of questions and is now reading through the Bible a second time. He is also now attending church service along with his wife (Shpresa) and sometimes his adult daughter (Dora). Please pray for him (them) as we continue to share the Love of Christ and the need for a savior in his life. We have a desire to study the bible together with his family and are praying about actually inviting others to join us. Pray with us as we continue to reveal God’s word to him and His plan for their lives

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