Friday, September 25, 2009

School of Bayonnaise

One practical thing we are going to do is to sponsor a child to go to school for $25.00 per month. That $25.00 allows a child to go to school, supplies all books, uniforms and gives them one good meal a day.

When we were at the school (aprox.400 kids) it was lunch time. After lunch I went over to see where the dirty dishes were thrown to see how much food was not eaten (that is food the kids threw out. Here in the states you would have garbage cans filled with wasted food) needless to say there was hardly no waste at all. I probably could not have scraped together another plate of food with all the scraps left. Those are hungry kids and probably the only meal they will have for that day.

The school has over 400 kids right now and there are only 300 sponsors and there is a waiting list to come to school. So if you would like to sponsor one or more you can go to their website or get in touch with me and I will hook you up.
I have 6 pictures of children that they took while I was there waiting for sponsorship(I asked for the pictures so I can be a eye witness that these are real kids. I seen them) Again, let me know, I can can send a picture and more information.

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