Saturday, December 20, 2008

If God Disappears

In the book, “If God Disappears” David Sanford gives 9 things we can do when crisis, trials, troubles, doubts etc. try to shake our faith.

1. Telling my story to a friend who knows God- sharing my bad experience can help me work through it.
2. Cultivating relationships of humility, trust and submission- Be willing to submit to the advice and counsel of other people. Don’t be a know it all
3. Being courageous enough to make choices based on the truth- Do the right thing regardless of how we feel
4. Experiencing the power of love with grace- Don’t let your feelings of hurt or anger control your actions
5. Reclaiming Gods promises even if I have to wait- Be patient. God will come through.
6. Asking questions, wrestling with doubt and embracing hope. God encourages questions and doubts from a honest and seeking heart.

7. Seeing God as He is and believing that he is working behind the scenes. Romans 8:28
We know that all things work together for the good to those who love God and to those called according to His purpose.
A good verse to have memorized.

8. Rediscovering Gods ideal and allowing him to write a vibrant new script to your life. God is the God of second chances (also third, forth, fifth etc. chances)
9. Awakening to our calling as God’s new prophets to the church. Let God speak through you even if/when you are hurt by a church.

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