Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seeking God?

I seek God in beautiful wealthy countries; God seeks me in unattractive poor countries.
I seek God in noisy downtown cities; God seeks me in quiet old forests.
I seek God in big famous cathedrals; God seeks me in small unknown churches.
I seek God in rich families; God seeks me in penniless families.
I seek God in genius persons; God seeks me in humble persons.
I seek God in attractive young persons; God seeks me in neglected old adults.
I seek God in potentate adult; God seeks me in powerless babies.
Days after days; months after months; years after years;Seeking God all my life, I am getting extremely tired without meeting Him.
God and I have kept seeking each other for ever if I kept seeking Him as I did.Wait a minute … If I seek Him where He seeks me, I will meet Him soon.Where???
In poor countries, penniless families, humble persons, neglected old adults, powerless babies, etc.O God! I must live sacrifice to be with them.Jesus said,
“Whatsoever U do to the least of my people, you do it to me.

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