Tuesday, October 23, 2007

some reasons for a school

Here are a few of the reasons I gave to our church Sunday for starting our own Christian School.

1) Many of the other schools in the area are expensive. It would be nice to offer a affordable alternative (prayerfully in the $200.00 per month range)

2) Many Christian schools take kids that have serious discipline problems, kids that have been kicked out of public schools and in some cases other Christian schools, just because they need the money.....We will not be a reform school, we believe in giving everyone a second chance and even a new start, but kids that come in because of previous discipline problems will be held on a short leash. The reason for that is because those kids become and cause distractions to the other kids who may be trying to learn something. We want to get the kids who want to learn or at least be motivated to learn.

3) Our history as a church started as a school. The fact being we were probably a school before we were a church. Meaning that whoever started church in this area probably came here first to start a school.

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